Friday, October 21, 2005

THe Friday Five

Have to do them early this morning since we are heading to "the city" for the day.

  1. What was the last CD you purchased? Um, I think it was "Swimmin' Like a Bird" By UCCan musician Linnea Good which I bought over a year ago. (Although we may have bought one for the girls since then)
  2. Did you like it? YES, I like all of Linnea's music.
  3. Is it the kind of music you would call your favorite? One of may favourites I'd say. I also favor Celtic/Celtic rock and some Country.
  4. What was the first album (CD for you youngsters) you ever owned? First one I remember being for me alone was the Star Wars Soundtrack (my sister and I had some children's albums that were "ours" but that doesn't count.
  5. And what was your favorite cut from that recording? Always have liked that menacing music everytime Vader appears "dum dum da dum dum da dum dum da dum" Very dramatic.


  1. I remember the Star Wars soundtrack. We had it on cassette and would play it in the car. We would BEG my Dad to fast foward past Han Solo and Leia's love theme.


  2. My son recently drew a picture of a large, dark, brooding figure under which were a long row of D's.

    Who's this? I ask.
    Darth Vader! He replies.
    What about all these D's?
    Dum Dum da Dah, dum dah dah, dum dah dah (sings the Vader music)