Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hey! It's only October!

This is what the dog and I got to walk in today. We were a little damp when we got back.


  1. Awesome!!

    I love the first snow of the year. We haven't had ours yet. Soon though, given the dropping temps at night...

  2. Already. Wow. It's really coming, isn't it?

  3. Holy moly, Gord. It's gonna be 86 F here today!

  4. Nooooooo

    snow forcast here at the weekend too. no winter tyres. luckily I'm away for a few days. hope I miss it all

    the second snow fall usually stays :) and that's much much much better. Hopefully mid November so it brightens up the long dark evenings, mornings and nights.

    be blessed I'm out of here :)

  5. Gord, I can't wait for that fresh white snow! Looks great.