Monday, October 24, 2005

Semper Ecclesia Reformanda Est

(The Church is always reforming)

Jan has started a meme (hat tip to the RGBP) asking two questions:

What are you going to be for Halloween? I am not planning on being anything. But the girls will be a lion and an elephant.

What 95 Things Need to Change in Church in the Year of our LORD 2005? Jan listed 5. I think I will give that a go (95 would take me all week and I have to leave for a meeting in 15 minutes)
  1. The church needs to redefine words like growth, success, evangelism, love, truth to match what the church wants them to mean, not what the world around us says they mean.
  2. The church needs to learn that God's plan for the Kingdom is not met by following the platform of ANY political party.
  3. The church needs to rediscover passion and the pure delight of living.
  4. The church needs to remember that neither change nor tradition are automatically good or bad. They have their place, we just need to have the skill to discern which is needed when.
  5. The church needs to BELIEVE, and not just say, that buildings are not the church. They are a tool we use to help us be the church. Furthermore, the building is a chance for stewardship and outreach--not a private clubhouse for those properly indoctrinated.

And of course there are others (see yesterday's post for some of them)

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  1. 95: isn't that the number of Martin Luther's Theses from back in the 16th century?

    Way too big a meme for me to handle! That said, i am going as a blind tramp clown with a colleague at my workplace this Halloween--we have a Monday mornign staff meeting as a rule, and this Monday is the 31st.