Friday, October 28, 2005

Phantasmagorical Phriday Phive (from RGBP)

  1. Favorite Halloween Candy Candy Corn. THe one time of year that anything outstrips chocolate (although I can only eat so much before feeling ill).
  2. Least Favorite Halloween Candy Tootsie Rolls. NEver developed a taste for these things and they are ever so prevalent.
  3. Best Costume Ever THis one is a 3 way tie. In my teens I made a number of costumes myself. One was Zorro (made a sword and scabbard for it and everything). Another was modelled roughly on Gimli from LOTR. The third was an Indian costume for which I carved a musket out of styrofoam, carved arrowheads from soap scraps, and made a bow (which almost even worked). Hm, wonder whatever happened to that creativity and energy...
  4. Worst Costume Ever What comes to mind is a costume I attempted to make in Grade 6. Got the idea out of a book of "simple" crafts. Couldn't see a thing or move without clubbing someone with the broomstick arms of the silly thing. I was proud of making it though.
  5. A Saint you treasure Non-traditional definition: the SUnday School teacher who started teaching when I was in Grade 4, mentored me when I started teaching with her in my late teens, and is still teaching Grade 4-6 at that church. More Traditional: As surprised as I am to realize it, St. Paul. I have something of a love-hate relationship with him.


  1. This fall I've been appreciating Paul much more than I ever have, although I still have my troubles with him. I don't know why the epistles feel so new this year.
    Didn't you ever dress up as Frodo?

  2. Someday, I'll post a poem by my Christian poet friend, Tim Lappala (who will be the next Frederick Buechner--you saw it here first!), on Paul. Very uncomfortable reading!

  3. Never as Frodo. THe semi-successul costume mentioned in #4 was supposed to be Thorin from the Hobbit though-my teacher figured it was a hobbit mind you.