Thursday, October 27, 2005

A TV Meme

Recognizing that I watch FAR FAR FAR too much of the silly box I thought I would create a meme around TV. Feel free to use/adapt as you see fit. Let me know if you take it up...

  1. Was your first TV Black&White or Colour? Ours was B&W. If memory serves we didn't get a colour TV until after I was 5. Friends of ours didn't get a colour TV until some years after that.
  2. Did you have cable as a child? When (if ever) did you first get cable? Nope. Mom and Dad saw no need for cable (they still don't have it). I have only had cable when living in small communities where there was little choice. First time was my first internship in 1994.
  3. What genre of TV is your favourite? Tend to prefer sitcoms by and large--I usually watch TV to escape and they are certainly escapist. Last few years I have watched more hour long dramas and "dramedy"
  4. What is your favourite show of all time? Tough one. Night Court comes to mind. Law and Order (the original) is another prospect. Joan of Arcadia stands up there as well--too bad it didn't last.
  5. TV Cartoons. Good and bad. Which ones stand out? Looney Tunes (or Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Hour or whatever name you know it by) as good. Rocket Robin Hood or Hercules as kind of tacky (although I watched them a lot). And of course the Flintstones stands in a separate place --what would lunch hour have been without them?
  6. What was/is your favourite Educational TV? I am a product of the Sesame Street generation. That and Mr. Dress-Up.
  7. Many shows have jumped from small to big screen. What is one that you are surprised hasn't made the leap? Six-Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman. Imagine doing those with computer aided effects.
  8. Jeopardy or Millionaire? Jeopardy, no contest.
  9. What big moments do you remember best (or only) because of TV? There are lots of those. I remember getting up at 4am to watch Charles and DIana's wedding. Or the shuttle explosion. In looking back I think we got better coverage of big events before the advent of 24 hour, must stay on repeating the same thing, news coverage.
  10. Do you watch too little, just enough, or too much TV? WAAAAAAAAY too much.

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