Tuesday, November 03, 2015

NaBloPoMo--Church clothes...

IN their Facebook group the RevGalBlogPals are posting prompts each day for November.  Some days I will use them, some days I will likely have something else to say.

The prompt for November 2 (remember I am playing catch up). said:
Prompt: write about what you wear at church (your best clothes, your comfy clothes, robe, stole, etc.). What does the phrase "church clothes" look like in your world? 
For me, when leading worship, well that depends.

From Labour Day (or the week after Labour Day depending on how I feel and how hot it may be) until Pentecost, or maybe the end of June, or maybe the end of May I wear alb and stole.  At least I do most of the time.  On Pageant Sunday in Advent I usually don't. But otherwise I do 90%+ of the time.  The main benefit is that then I don't feel the need to wear a tie!  I hate the constriction of a closed collar.

In the summer the weather is warm enough that an extra layer is not welcome (most of the time) and also there is a less formal feeling to summer worship.  SO then I wear a shirt and tie. Which makes me (99% of the time) the only person in the building wearing a tie. But I still feel the need to be a little bit professional looking -- even if one of my go to ties has Mickey Mouse on it (mind you I wore that one to my interview and they still called me!). The exception is for weddings and funerals that take place in the church building.  For those I go with alb and stole all year round.

If I am merely attending worship, either here or (more likely) in some other congregation I am much more relaxed. Casual pants and a shirt or sweater depending on the season.

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