Friday, November 27, 2015

NaBloPoMo -- Names

Here is the RGBP prompt for today:
NaBloPoMo Day 27: Explain the name of your blog or regular writing venue.
10 years ago I started this blog. At that time there were lots of blogs with clever names out there, partly because many bloggers were sort of kind of pseudo-anonymous,  And so I needed to choose a name.

As readers of other posts this month may have noticed, my favourite book by a country mile is The Lord of the Rings. At the same time I have long thought that the image of a quest works well (not perfectly but well) as a metaphor for life.  And thus arose Following Frodo.

In fact at one time I tried to change the html for the comment line to say how many "Fellow Questers" there were rather than how many comments there were.  Almost got it to work too.

As it happens, when I did a paper on Christology in LOTR I noted that Frodo is one of the Christological characters (along with Aragorn and Gandalf) in the maybe Following Frodo has a subconscious meaning as well?

Other blogs I have started have had much more mundane names.  I started one for the church in Atikokan (Riverview United) and called it "Riverview Rolls On".  After all, as the web-presence for the congregation it needed to be linked to the congregation.  Then about 7 years ago I started a blog to post worship resources I had written and called it simply "Worship Offerings". And then 5 years ago when I moved here I created a new blog, because I had gotten into the habit of blogging stuff specifically for ministry, like early sermon thoughts, and called it "Ministerial Mutterings" because that is what it is (and Mutterings sounded better than Mumblings).

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