Sunday, November 08, 2015

NaBLoPoMo -- hymn favourtism

The prompt for today is:
Write briefly - oh , so briefly- about your favorite hymn line or stanza.

Which is not at all fair.  Which one?!?!?

However since it is almost Advent (despite my attempts to pretend otherwise) I will go with one of my favourite Advent pieces. Tomorrow Christ is Coming.

While I really like the whole hymn, especially when it is sung to the tune Little Baddow which is in a minor key, my favourite stanza is the fourth:
Our God becomes incarnate
in every human birth.
Created in God's image,
we must make peace on earth.
God will fulfil Love's purpose
and this shall be the sign:
We shall find Christ among us
as woman, child, or man.
This is my favourite because it reminds us of the hope embodied in Christmas.  Now to be fair, the sense of hope is best felt when one has sung the preceding three stanzas which lay plain the reality of the world into which Christmas comes each year.

Christmas is coming, the world is a mess, people are hungry and forced out of home and dying.  But God will become incarnate again,  Thanks be to God

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