Sunday, November 29, 2015

NaBloPoMo -- Favourite Advent Hymn(s)

Today's RGBP prompt is:
NaBloPoMo Day 29: Best Advent carol and why
ANd what does best mean????  Who decides?

So I am going with some favourites.

My long-time favourite is one called Tomorrow Christ is Coming.  Some people would say it is depressing.  But it is real.  It talks about the darkness in the world.  Best sung in a minor key to mark the tone of the lyrics.  But I don't push for it to be sung in worship every year -- I can sing it for myself.

A more recent favourite is People Look East, which apparently is a challenge to play -- particularly at the speed at which it is intended to be sung.

And this coming Sunday we are singing one that I have always wanted to sing.  She Walked in the Summer by Miriam Therese Winter

And finally, as the Magnificat is a common Advent reading I have to mention my favoured musical setting of it -- the Canticle of the Turning

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  1. 2 years ago we had a young intern with baby in arms sing "Canticle of the Turning" with 3 middle school girls accompanied by guitar and recorder. It was brilliant (and one of the girls "favorite moments participating in worship ever"). We are hoping to revisit this year though the better guitarist has moved on, the baby is now 2 and won't be in arms and the girls are older and a little more confident and a little more self-conscious.
    Also loving "People Look East" lately.