Monday, November 09, 2015

NaBloPoMo -- Which Day?

Today's prompt reads:
NaBloPoMo Day 9: Monday day off or Friday day off.

Or some weeks -- Day off?

21 years ago, on my first internship, I took Mondays off.  Not for any particular reason except that I thought that was the day minister's were "supposed" to take off.  And it worked out that then I could leave town after worship on Sunday and go home for a day and a half.

FLash forward a few years.

It is my second internship. As I recall the supervisor and I had a discussion about it making sense that we did not both take the same day off.  And either as a result of that discussion, or the discussion came about because I was suggesting it, I took Fridays off.  Which I  actually liked better.  Once a month I had to go to the city for counseling and Fridays allowed me to also take most of Saturday as well.

And since it worked well on internship I decided that this would be my pattern in ministry.  And so ever since I was ordained I have (for the most part) taken Fridays off.

This continues to allow me to almost have two days in a row off (much of the time).  Which is a nice thing.  Also working Monday allows an early start on the sermon gestation process and allows the bulletin to usually be done by Monday afternoon (which was important in Atikokan since the secretary only worked Tuesday and Thursday mornings and the choir there met on Tuesday nights). And the other real benefit is that many times a year something happens on Sunday that needs to be followed up on or addressed.  Taking Monday off and not being in the office until Tuesday would greatly increase the chances that these things would be forgotten...which happens often enough as it is.

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