Saturday, November 14, 2015

NaBloPoMo -- Prayer for a Broken and Breaking World

Creator of the Universe, Holy Dreamer, God of Love and Life,
You have given us life, you have given us a rule of life, you have shared with us your hope an plan for life.
But we have so often chosen another path.
You call us to be people of peace.
We choose violence.
You call us to be people of justice, where all have what is needed forlife.
We choose a way whre some have abundance, others lack basics.
You call us to treat each other with love.
We choose to blow each other up and shoot and kill and maim.

This weekend, as happens far far too often, the world  weeps.
Acts of terror and horror rocked our newsfeeds.
Followed by blame and finger-pointing and rhetoric born of fear and assumptions.
And once again we are forced to admit that this world you have created is not only broken, but that it continues to break into smaller pieces.
What do we do?
What do we say when there are no words?

If we are honest it is at times like this when we wonder
"when will you unleash your anger?"
or more honestly
"why don't you unleash your anger and strike down those  who do such things?"
(assuming of course that we could direct you as to who should be struck down).
Surely you would be guiltless if you allowed these faithless, errant children to face the consequences of their choices.

But you don't.  Which is probably a good thing.
You choose mercy, you choose grace, you choose hope.
You say that out of love you can not destroy your children who wander astray.
Instead of destruction you offer an invitation.
Asking us to return to the rule of life you lay before us.
And wondering when we will come home and share in the depth of life.

As we weep and gnash our teeth.
As we try to understand.
As we point fingers and ask how to prevent this happening again.
Help us.
Help us look at the whole picture, seeing all the horror, not just the horror that strikes closest to home.
Help us see how the choices made by "us" and "them" might interact.
Help us follow the trails of our past actions, and help us think seriously where our present and future actions might lead.
Help us see beyond the fear and horror.
Help us avoid the demonization of our neighbours.
And help us find the path that leads to the Promised Land, the Kingdom of God, where the wolf will lie down with the lamb and they will not hurt or destroy on the holy mountain.

This we pray in the name of Jesus, the Christ, the Prince of Peace, who taught us to love our neighbours and our enemies.


  1. I'm going to use this in worship this morning, attributed to you. Thank you for your words.

  2. I would like to use this as our prayer for peace next week. All due credit given, of course.

  3. Thank you Gord--just perfect. I will be using this (with due credit to you, of course).