Friday, November 20, 2015

NaBloPoMo -- Friday Five Edition

This week's Friday Five at the RGBP site asks:
For Friday Five this week, let’s keep the light, love and laughter going with a random selection of things to make your heart sing:
  1. Music: a song or orchestral piece that stirs your soul
  2. Indoor Place: have you got an oasis at home that you can hide away in?
  3. Outdoor Space: is it water, hills, woodland? Is it the fresh country air or the bustling city?
  4. Picture: this may be a piece of art, something you created, something someone gave you…
  5. Person: do you have a go to person, for when the world is crowding in?
1. THere are a number of them that but one that often comes first to my mind is Do You Hear the People Sing? from Les Miserables.
2.  1200 square foot house, 6 people and a dog.  You do the math.  Luckily (or not so much perhaps) I can zone out into the computer screen if I really need.
3.   Given a choice, the lakeshore at Camp Maskepetoon.  But that choice really is not often available.  Green zones in the city will take its place, particularly river valleys.  But what I have learned (repeatedly since I often forget) is that sometime it is just being outside that is needed, even if it is mainly to shovel snow.
4.  Depends on my mood.  But honestly I am really not much of a picture person.
5.  TO be honest, when the world is crowding in my introversion kicks in and I go interior.  Which may not always be the healthiest thing to do but it is the truth.  I am lucky to have some colleagues that I can go to if need really kicks in.

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