Monday, November 16, 2015

NaBloPoMo -- Wedding Stories

Today I think I'll use a prompt from last week..
NaBloPoMo Day 12: I just did an extremely moving wedding for two women who have been together for 42 years. Weddings are usually pastors' least favorite services, but they can have beautiful moments. What's your best wedding story?

Actually I really like weddings.  I have never had one that really drove me crazy.  A few where the rehearsal was...interesting. But I enjoy all of them.

But of course there are stories....

Like the wedding held at a camp out by the lake.  The original plan was to hold the service down on the dock and then move up to the large tent for the reception.  And all was well the day of the rehearsal.  But the next day was cold and windy.  And so the service was in the tent.  Only one problem...
The wind was wreaking havoc with the tent as well.  And so the service was accompanied to the sounds of the poles along the edge of the tent crashing down and occasionally the crash of the lanterns hung inside falling down.

Or there was the wedding where the service was held in the same spot where the reception would be--the curling rink.  The bar was open before the service. (which I was NOT aware would be the case beforehand) and when it was time for the service to start we had to wait as a bunch of guests walked ACROSS the entry aisle to go get a drink (at which point the mother-of-the-bride went to tell them to sit down).

And then there was the first wedding I ever officiated.  It was on an island, at the family cabin. The service was outdoors (small gathering of family and close friends). As we started the skies got darker and darker.  First raindrops started to fall as we finished, and we quickly ran inside to do the signing of the documents and keep them dry.

There are other stories of the wedding with far too many clergy involved, the groom, the officiant, the best man.  And the groom and the best man both being much more directive than the officiant.  When my grandmother watched the video she commented how bossy the groom was.  That is right, it was me.

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