Friday, November 13, 2015

NaBloPoMo -- Self-Care Edition

Historically there is one (well many but let's focus on one for now shall we) thing which I do not do well.  Take care of my sef.

Not so much in the work/non work balance.  But certainly in those more basic terms of nutrition and exercise.

Which is why I clearly recall a discussion  with my childhood doctor about 17 years ago, when I first started to deal with acid reflux issues.  As I remember his exact words were "hmm well nothing wrong with your weight...." but the level of actual fitness was far from healthy.  Around the same time I remember a co-worker commenting on my diet "what are you trying to do, give yourself diabetes" (this was in relation to my tendency to forget to have breakfast and lunch then when my blood sugar crashed respond by eating chocolate).  Then there is my tendency to stress eat chocolate and sugar. And what are these things one calls fruit and vegetables?  I hear a rumour they are good for you.

Sometimes I do better on the exercise piece.  For the first few years we had the dog I was fairly good at taking her for regular walks, which was good for both of us.  And this year when we were gifted with a family membership to the local multiplex I honestly intended to get over there on a regular basis.  Honestly I did.  HOw well that worked may be another matter.

To be honest I have been able to largely coast along.  But now, well now.

I really note the lack of energy. ANd last week I learned that my blood work from a year ago showed  both sugar and triglyceride levels at slightly above high average along with a blood pressure reading higher than I have ever had (which matches my felt stress level recently--though I don't know why I have felt so stressed).  Since neither my diet or activity patterns have changed much in the last several years I suspect age-related metabolic changes (to be honest developing insulin resistance would not be out of the question given my diet  habits).

So the time has come to try again to do better.  The question is..will I stick with it?

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